Up to 100 pallets/hour

Ideal for speeds of up to 100 pallets/hour.

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SATURN Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper

The SATURN S6 is a fully-automatic rotary-ring stretch wrapper for the wrapping of palletised loads with stretch film.

The film spool is mounted on the ring, which rotates concentrically to the load, moving upwards and downwards according to the wrapping cycle with the load remaining static. The SATURN S6 stretch wrapper is designed for markets that demand speeds of up to 100 pallets/hour, making it our best selling and most versatile machine. The ring technology of our SATURN S6, without doubt, provides for a more balanced system with less wear and less maintenance than other available wrapping technologies.

Our rotary-ring stretch wrappers essentially consist of a 4-column frame and a lifting system comprising of a set of four flat belts which, by means of a gear motor controlled by a variable frequency drive, raises and lowers the rotary ring assembly, together with a cutting and heat sealing system, which provides the film with a glue-free finish.

This is a modern and versatile machine at the cutting edge of technology in the sector with its innovative Internet connectivity.

The SATURN S6 stretch wrapper represents the best technology available on the market.

By means of electronic tension and self-adjustment control according to the load profile, film breakage and load deformation is avoided, ensuring maximum stability with minimum film consumption.

Additional information

Machine operation can be monitored online by our technicians at head office or from local support centres in order to ensure rapid diagnosis of any anomaly that occurs and facilitate its immediate resolution.

As an optional extra, an active digital camera equipped with remote movement control can be incorporated into the machine’s electronics as an aid to system monitoring to facilitate and speed up the resolution of anomalies.

All control, adjustment and format changeover elements are automated and simplified, resulting in greatly reduced user intervention.

We offer distribution systems for non-cylindrical containers to suit the specific needs of each product and speed: electromechanical line divider, aligners, roller conveyor tables and product stackers.


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Sectors of application

Our extensive product catalogue enables us to supply a wide range of companies and sectors. The main industrial sectors that use SR Innova’s machines are as follows:

Wines and Spirits

Our machines are present in the most important wine companies in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world. SR Innova’s machines can also be found in companies that produce whiskeys and liqueurs.

Soft Drinks

Well-known companies in this sector have entrusted us with their end-of-line solutions and their different packaging formats.


Many of our products serve this sector and provide excellent performance.

Mineral Water

SR Innova is present in this important sector in both returnable glass bottle lines and in PET and shrink-wrapped containers.

Food Sector

Food products from all around the world are handled by machinery manufactured in our factory.

Edible Oils

We have proven expertise in this area to ensure optimum operation of our machines with all kinds of format.

Pharmaceutical Sector

Many pharmaceutical companies have chosen our products and services for packing and/or palletising their different lines.

Petrochemical Sector

Multinationals and companies from all around the world have full confidence in the reliability and robustness of our machinery to handle their products.

Cosmetics and Household Products

Our close attention to detail in our products has enabled us to successfully enter this highly diverse market with applications for products as different as soaps and household cleaners.