SR Innova: more than 65 years at your service

In 1947, the family business Talleres Ricart was founded and initially specialised in the manufacture of machinery for glass bottle transportation, filling and washing.

Between 1962 and 1967, the Company gradually transformed its business into offering end-of-line solutions, initially manufacturing case packers and palletisers.

In 1992, it combined its expertise with that of Samovi Group, which brought with it its experience in machine software and programming, and became SAMOVI RICART, S.A., a market leading company in Europe and worldwide.

SR Innova worldwide

As a result of our major focus on exportation, we now have facilities on five continents.

In order to consolidate this presence in foreign markets, the company’s sales managers continuously travel to these export countries to monitor ongoing operations and keep clients and agents in each geographical region abreast of the latest developments.


Our clients

Our extensive product catalogue enables us to supply a wide range of companies and sectors.

Application sectors

For over 65 years, many clients from all sectors have placed their confidence in us.

All of these years of experience enable us to provide a better and more effective service to our clients.

Today, the company, SR Innova, continues to manufacture with the help of all of this accumulated experience and the application of the most advanced technology in both the development and the manufacture and assembly of its machines.

The history of the brand’s technological development is marked by the following major milestones:

1947 Dosificadora Lineal


The company is founded and begins production of type J (2-valve) and type J-P (4-valve) linear dosers.
1951 Dosificaora Rotativa


Introduction of type J-A 6 and 8-valve rotary dosers.
1955 Lavadoras Rotativas


Introduction of type LR-2 rotary bottle washers for 1,500 bottles/h.
1965 Encajadoras Packenvas


Introduction of the new Packenvas case packer and final reorientation of the Company towards end-of-line solutions.
1967 1er conjunto Despaletizador/Paletizador


Introduction of the first depalletiser/palletiser system for plastic crates. High-level feeding.
Ampliación de la Gama Packenvas


Expansion of the Packenvas range with case packers equipped with 5 pick-up heads (2,500 cases/h) and designed for type-B1 cardboard cases.
1968 Expansión


Expansion of production capacity with the opening of new manufacturing and assembly facilities.
1970 Gama de Paletizadores con unidades de carga inferior y altas prestaciones


Expansion of the palletiser range with lower loading units and better features. (2,000 cases/h).
1973 Paletizadores con unidades de carga superior diseñadas para caja de cartón y mayores prestaciones


Expansion of the palletiser range with higher loading units designed for cardboard cases and more features. (2,500 cases/h).
1974 Encajadora tipo Wrap-Around


Introduction of a new wrap-around case packer, which uses sheets of pre-scored cardboard. This new range proves critical for the development of the brand. (1,000 cases/h).
1975 Encajadoras Reforzadas Tipo Packenvas-RR


Introduction of the new Packenvas-RR reinforced packer range with 5 and 8 pick-up head versions and speeds of up to 4,000 cases/h.
1976 Presentación de la gama alternativa de Encajadoras Neumáticas


Introduction of an alternative range of NT-50 pneumatic case packers with 1 and 2 pick-up head versions for small packaging lines.
1977 gama de Formadoras Mecánicas de Cajas de Cartón tipo F-3000


Introduction of the F-3000 mechanical case erector range in response to the increasing automation of non-returnable bottling lines. (B1 cases)
1978 Cerradoras de Cajas de Cartón tipo F-2000


Introduction of the F-2000 case sealer range to enable a full end-of-line solution to be offered.
1981 gama paralela de Encajadoras Wrap-Around


Introduction of the W-500 wrap-around case packer parallel range (without descender) for medium speeds. Its introduction is instrumental in the implementation of the system.
1982 Formadora Neumática de Cajas F-3000


Introduction of the F-3000 pneumatic case erector for lines of up to 900-1000 cases/h. Its cost effectiveness and great reliability enable many end of lines to be fully automated.
1984 Serie W-7600/W-7700 con mayor descomposición de movimientos


The success of the wrap-around system without descender leads to the introduction of the W-7600/W-7700 series with optimised movements, producing speeds of up to 1,000 cases/h.
1985 gama de paletizadores P-5500, de concepción modular y carga a nivel inferior


The popularity of automatic palletisers and the resultant increase in sales leads to the introduction of the new P-5500 range, featuring a modular design and lower level loading.
1987 novedoso sistema de Doble Entrada para la alimentación de los paletizadores


Coinciding with the arrival of shrink packaging as a sales unit, a new dual entry system for feeding palletisers (speeds of up to 3,000 packs/h) is introduced.
1988 primer Robot de Paletización, de Coordenadas Cartesianas


Introduction of the first palletiser robot, which uses Cartesian coordinates, with the application of the latest guidance and automation technology at that time.
1989 nueva serie de Formadoras de Cajas Mecánico-Neumáticas, F-3600/F-3700, con sistema de Carga automatizado


Introduction of the new F-3600/F-3700 mechanical-pneumatic case erector series with automated loading system. (Speeds of up to 2,400 cases/h).
1990 Presentación de la nueva serie de Formadoras de Cajas Mecánico-Neumáticas, F-3500, de gama media


Introduction of the new F-3500 mid-range mechanical-pneumatic case erector series. (Speeds of up to 1,500 cases/h).
1992 innovadora serie W-8000, de Encajadoras Wrap-Around de ciclo continuo, como primera realización dentro del grupo Samovi


Introduction of the innovative W-8000 continuous-cycle wrap-around case packer series – the company’s first machine as part of Samovi Group. Speeds of up to 2,400 cases/h are achieved.
1992 División DPE, de Enfardadoras de palets automáticas, que pronto se integró totalmente en Samovi Ricart


The need to offer clients full end-of-line solutions leads to the creation of the company’s DPE Division producing automatic pallet stretch wrappers, which soon afterwards is fully integrated into Samovi Ricart.
1995 nueva gama de Encajadoras Wrap-Around tipo W-7100, de ciclo intermitente y amplia flexibilidad


Introduction of the new highly-versatile W-7100 intermittent-cycle wrap-around case packer. One of the greatest commercial successes for the brand since its foundation.
1996 Presentación de la nueva gama de Despaletizadores Automáticos de Botellas y Tarros de Vidrio y Plástico, Star-150


Introduction of the new Star-150 automatic glass and plastic bottle and jar depalletiser range.
1997 nueva gama de robots tipo SCARA, RS-154, que abrirá nuevos horizontes en el campo de la paletización


Following an agreement with the French company, Staübli Unimation, the introduction of the new RS-154 SCARA robot range, which opens up new horizons in the field of palletisation.
1998 Nueva Serie de Cerradoras de Hot Melt C-2500, para producciones medias y elevadas


Introduction of the new C-2500 hot-melt case sealer series for medium and high speeds. (2,400 cases/h).
2000 nuevo Mega-Robot, el RS-500, de 500Kgs de carga, asociado a un cabezal de capa completa


As a result of the experience gained with the RS-154 robot range, the company designs and introduces the new RS-500 500 kg-load mega robot with full-layer pick-up head.
2001 gama de Encajadoras Robotizadas RE-500, de 6 cabezales, para altas cadencias


Based on the column of the RS-500, the introduction of the RE-500 robotic packer range, featuring 6 pick-up heads for high speeds. (Up to 2,400 cases/h).
2001 se presenta la gama de Robots RS-200/RS-300, una de cuyas nuevas aplicaciones es el paletizado de envases a granel, en bandejas y boxes


Based on the column of the RS-500, although with smaller proportions, the introduction of the RS-200/RS-300 range of robots, one of whose new applications is the palletisation of bulk containers in trays and cases.
2001 gama de Robots de 2 ejes RE-150, para producciones medias


Complementing the robotisation of packing systems, the introduction of the RE-150 2-axis robot range for medium speeds (max. 3 tooling).
2002 gama de nuevos cabezales auto-ajustables y programables, diseñados específicamente para la serie RS-300, que permite resolver aplicaciones multi-linea


Introduction of a new auto-adjustable and programmable pick-up head range specifically for the RS-300 series to handle multi-line applications.
2002 Robots antropomorfos de 4 y 6 ejes, como alternativa a los Robots SCARA, compartiendo, sin embargo, toda la tecnología de cabezales y periféricos


The company begins to offer 4 and 6-axis anthropomorphic robots as an alternative to SCARA robots, but still uses all of their pick-up head and peripherals technology.
2002 cabezales y periféricos para el enjaulado y desenjaulado de vinos y espumosos, mediante la aplicación de Robots de 6 ejes


Design and introduction of a range of pick-up heads and peripherals for loading and unloading wine bottles by means of 6-axis robots. A new prestigious range for the brand.
2003 Los Robots de 6 ejes, permiten presentar una aplicación de futuro: el Llenado y Vaciado de jaulones


6-axis robots enable the introduction of an application of the future: loading and unloading of cages containing horizontally-positioned 4-gallon polycarbonate cooler bottles.
2004 Presentación de la nueva gama de Encajadoras Wrap-Around W-8500/W-8600 de accionamiento y sincronización electrónica


Introduction of the new W-8500/W-8600 electronically-driven and synchronised wrap-around case packer range, replacing the successful W-8000 series.
2005 Robot embandejador/paletizador de envases sobre semi-palets, Mod. RP-150, complementado por una Formadora de Bandejas de gran formato


Introduction of a new product: The RP-150 tray loader/palletiser of containers on semi-pallets, supplemented by a large-format tray erector.
2007 Nueva Gama de Paletizadores P-5000, con cambio de formato automático y creación y edición de mosaicos desde el HMI


Introduction of the new P-5000 palletiser range with automatic format changeover and creation and editing of mosaics from the HMI. The first chain-free palletiser.
2008 Encajadoras de Alta Cadencia RA-500, mediante la aplicación de un Robot Antropomorfo de 4 ejes


Introduction of the new RE-500 high-speed case packer range using a 4-axis anthropomorphic robot. (Up to 8 pick-up heads).
2010 Encajadoras Wrap-Around Continuas W-8400, destinadas a cubrir las gamas medias de producción


Introduction of the new W-8400 continuous wrap-around case packer series for medium speeds (1,500 cases/h). Fully electronic.


Introduction of the new RA high-speed palletiser series.


Introduction of SR Innova’s new depalletiser robot.